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PF Flyers Men's Center Lo Sneaker Natural cheap sale affordable rppt3geJ
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There was a time when it was commonly thought that the best way to help an individual with a drug problem was to wait until he hits “rock bottom.” When that person’s life was adversely affected enough by addiction and destructive behaviors, he would enter rehab or seek help.

However, over the past few years, this thought process has evolved. The medical community has concluded that addiction is a disease and not a series of bad life choices. As a result, more attention has been given toward helping those afflicted with addiction, rather than punishing them.

An intervention is the process by which the family, friends, counselors or professional intervention specialists can show a person struggling with drug addiction the negative impact of the disease in his life and on those who care for him.

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While family members perform interventions, anyone with a sincere and loving relationship with the individual can participate.

This might include:

It is also a good idea to use the services of a person trained in the process of drug and alcohol intervention. That person can provide the family and friends with the information they need to conduct a thorough and safe intervention.

The purpose of an intervention is to help the person struggling with addiction to enter a rehabilitation program, usually in an inpatient facility.

Including friends, family and concerned relations in the intervention is not to “gang up” on the person needing help, but to show him how widespread his addiction truly is. When the individual sees how his drug problem affects others’ lives, he may be motivated to seek treatment. An intervention may serve as a final warning, of sorts, that these people will no longer support the destructive addiction in his life.

The first step to setting up an intervention for a loved one is to determine what help the individual may have already sought for himself. Does he have a counselor he speaks with regularly?

According to the American Psychological Association, a counselor or psychologist is prohibited from discussing confidential interactions with their clients or patients; however, they can help you to determine whether it is time for an intervention to take place and the probable success of the intervention. 1 They may choose to be a part of the intervention process.

The intervention takes place in a safe environment with the participation of every family member, friend or professional who has a stake in the outcome.

10:26 AM EDT

Bonnie, so great to see your enthusiasm and joy in the Inn. You are getting a LOT done !!! Good work.

10:44 AM EDT

I love wrong way round. That one totally captured my attention when you made it. Can't wait for the pattern!

11:19 AM EDT

I love Wrong Way Round also. My favorite! Would make a beautiful Quilt of Valor!

11:26 AM EDT

It's not the cleaning, but the drying of the rug that might prove problematic, especially for something that big and that old. Since it's a rug and you could roll it up and transport it, you might want to take it to a rug cleaning specialist such as Yeatts in Winston-Salem.

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I am just so thrilled for you that you’re getting to make this wonderful Quiltville Inn a reality and bless so many other people in the process!

11:58 AM EDT

We have 2 wool rugs, though much smaller (9 x 6) than yours. We just sent them to be cleaned. As the above poster noted, it's all about getting them dry. If they aren't dried well they will get moldy.

12:16 PM EDT

Oh! I've been saving recycled shirts in proper Scottish tartans, and have been waiting/looking for just the right block to feature them together in a quilt. That vintage beauty from Kevin might be just the thing!! Saving that..... I can't decide whether I like Wrong Way or Right Way better - they're both fun and lovely!

12:25 PM EDT

I love Henry's Wrong Way quilt also! I can see circles,wheels rolling more than the right way,lol. It's gorgeous in red,white and blue :)

3:51 PM EDT

As to the rug, the rent a thing should work fine, but I'd put a tarp under it before you start, because you can't be sure that some soapy water won't leak through before the machine soaks up the excess, especially if this rug doesn't have a strong plasticized bottom layer. To be sure that all goes well, and because sunshine is a great deodorizer, I'd hang it off the porch for a couple of hours as well. Beth's ideas of bringing it somewhere professional would work just as well, but I'm not sure that it would save too much time. Whatever is easier and faster for you should work Oh, there are some pre-rug-shampooing sprays for any spot that you're not sure will be removed with just one machine treatment.

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UW student reinvents eye dropper to ‘stick it to drug companies’
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Dave Ross
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Victor Freitas

Eye droppers may seem like an innocuous, uncontroversial item commonly used by just about everyone. But they ended up making one University of Washington student quite frustrated. So much so that she endeavored to re-invent the eye dropper to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry — with the Nanodropper.

The problem, as Allisa Song found out, is that pharmaceutical companies design eye droppers so they dispense too much liquid. The downside of this is that it drips down your face. The upside, for drug companies, is that you run out of drops much faster. ProPublica reports that this adds up to hefty profits for drug companies who are aware of the wasteful design flaw, despite low-income patients needing the medication. Song was not pleased when she read the article.

“It was mostly anger that there are patients out there who cannot afford their medication and there had to be a solution,” she told KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross . “I was mostly outraged.”

More specifically, she is quoted in a Propublica followup story saying “How do I stick it to the drug companies that are trying to screw over the patients?”

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Take one patient, for example, that Song encountered while inventing the Nanodropper.

“There’s this woman, she’s a widow, and she was talking about how it is difficult for her to keep her house and her biggest cost is her glaucoma medication,” Song said. “We don’t want patients to have to make that choice: ‘Am I going to pay rent or am I going to pay for my meds?’”

The Nanodropper

The Nanodropper, an attachment for most eye droppers, will dispense smaller, more accurate doses.

“When you take off the cap of an eye dropper bottle, that cap is attached by a thread, so our base threads onto that,” Song said. “So you only have to put it on once and it comes with its own cap.”

See a demonstration of the Nanodropper .

Song says it can save patients about $2,500 annually, just by simply delivering the correct dose of medication. She’s looking for investors, but plans to eventually sell the Nanodropper for around $12.99. That price could change, but the goal is to make it as cheap for patients as possible.

Song, who recently graduated UW and plans to attend the Mayo Clinic, has approached the endeavor from a novel perspective — the customer. But that doesn’t mean that drug companies will be eager to invest after profiting so much off of the old eye droppers. That’s not the point, she says.

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