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  • Armor Class

    Hardness : Each object has hardness—a number that represents how well it resists damage. When an object is damaged, subtract its hardness from the damage. Only damage in excess of its hardness is deducted from the object's hit points (see Table: Common Armor, Weapon, and Shield Hardness and Hit Points, Table: Substance Hardness and Hit Points, and Table: Object Hardness and Hit Points).


    Hit Points : An object's hit point total depends on what it is made of and how big it is (see Table: Common Armor, Weapon, and Shield Hardness and Hit Points, Table: Substance Hardness and Hit Points, and Table: Object Hardness and Hit Points). Objects that take damage equal to or greater than half their total hit points gain the broken condition (see Conditions ). When an object's hit points reach 0, it's ruined.

    Hit Points

    Very large objects have separate hit point totals for different sections.

    Energy Attacks : Energy attacks deal half damage to most objects. Divide the damage by 2 before applying the object's hardness. Some energy types might be particularly effective against certain objects, subject to GM discretion. For example, fire might do full damage against parchment, cloth, and other objects that burn easily. Sonic might do full damage against glass and crystal objects.

    Energy Attacks

    Ranged Weapon Damage : Objects take half damage from ranged weapons (unless the weapon is a siege engine or something similar). Divide the damage dealt by 2 before applying the object's hardness.

    Ranged Weapon Damage

    Ineffective Weapons : Certain weapons just can't effectively deal damage to certain objects. For example, a bludgeoning weapon cannot be used to damage a rope. Likewise, most melee weapons have little effect on stone walls and doors, unless they are designed for breaking up stone, such as a pick or hammer.

    Ineffective Weapons

    Immunities : Objects are immune to nonlethal damage and to critical hits.


    Magic Armor, Shields, and Weapons : Each +1 of enhancement bonus adds 2 to the hardness of armor, a weapon, or a shield, and +10 to the item's hit points.

    Magic Armor, Shields, and Weapons

    Vulnerability to Certain Attacks : Certain attacks are especially successful against some objects. In such cases, attacks deal double their normal damage and may ignore the object's hardness.

    Vulnerability to Certain Attacks

    Damaged Objects : A damaged object remains functional with the broken condition until the item's hit points are reduced to 0, at which point it is destroyed.

    Amazon paid about $1 billion for PillPack, according to the Wall Street Journal . PillPack already delivers prescriptions by mail, as do startups like Capsule. But Amazon brings its enormous scale, delivery and logistics expertise to the field, something that promises to make the entire experience faster and more efficient for consumers.

    Alexa may play a role in this, too. Amazon's smart speaker could remind you to take your medicine or refill your prescription. Granted, that raises all kinds of privacy issues, such as how Amazon will protect sensitive health information and how it will use the data. And it would require Amazon to take the added step of making sure anything it's doing with your data complies with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

    Amazon declined to comment on the PillPack acquisition beyond its press release.

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    Meanwhile, Amazon's decision to essentially franchise so-called "last mile" deliveries gives it another advantage over competitors. The company is launching a program under which most anyone with $10,000 can launch a business delivering Amazon Prime packages in Amazon-branded vans. It's a clever way of gaining greater control over the last leg of a package's trip from an Amazon sorting center to your doorstep.

    It also could give Amazon a means of getting that prescription into your hands as quickly as possible.

    "When you think about health care and drugs, speed is of the utmost importance to the customer," said Daniel Ives, head of technology research at GBH Insights. "As Amazon gets into health care, the distribution and the time from the order to a customer door step becomes that much more crucial."

    Amazon's enormous IT infrastructure, sprawling supply chain, deep understanding of logistics, and its ability to quickly scale up puts it in a unique position to fundamentally shake up health care, said Nicholas Finill, a senior retail analyst at ABI Research. "Amazon has already made plays to disrupt groceries, fashion and now it moving into health care is no surprise at all," he said.

    Others aren't so sure. Health care is an enormous, complex industry -- one that "doesn't change that rapidly," said Lawton R. Burns, professor of health-care management at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. "It gives me pause thinking about what's going to drastically change here."

    PillPack has been in the gamesince 2013, and Burns says its not yet clear what Amazon might do with it. And he said other large tech companies have stumbled when trying to enter the health care space. For example, Google discontinued Google Health in 2012 after it didn't have "the broad impact" it hoped for. The service allowed users to voluntarily upload their health records into one consolidated system.

    Occasionally, a heart attack happens without causing any pain. This is usually diagnosed when you have a heart tracing (electrocardiogram, or ECG) at a later stage.

    Some people collapse and die suddenly if they have a large portion of heart muscle damaged. This is not very common.

    Dial 999/112/911 for an ambulance immediately .

    Dial 999/112/911 for an ambulance immediately

    Then, if you have some, take one aspirin tablet (see below for the reason for this). You will normally be admitted straight to hospital.

    If you think someone is having a heart attack, look for the four Ps:

    Many people develop chest pains that are not due to a heart attack. For example, you can have quite bad chest pains with heartburn, and with gallbladder problems or with pains from conditions of the muscles in the chest wall. Therefore, tests are usually done to confirm a heart attack. These are:

    A rough idea as to the severity of the heart attack (the amount of heart muscle that is damaged) can be gauged by:

    Another chemical that may be measured in a blood test is called creatine kinase. This too is released from heart muscle cells during a heart attack.

    Your ECG will be monitored for a few days to check on the heart rhythm. Various blood tests will be done to check on your general well-being.

    Other tests may be done in some cases. This may be to clarify the diagnosis (if the diagnosis is not certain) or to diagnose complications such as heart failure if this is suspected. For example, an ultrasound scan of the heart (echocardiogram, or 'echo') or a test called a myocardial perfusion scan may be done.

    Also, before discharge from hospital, you may be advised to have tests to assess the severity of the fatty patches or plaques (atheroma) in the coronary arteries - for example:

    The following is a typical situation and mentions the common treatments that are usually offered. However, each case is different and treatments may vary depending on your situation.

    As soon as possible after a heart attack is suspected you will be given a dose of aspirin. Aspirin reduces the stickiness of platelets. Platelets are tiny particles in the blood that trigger the blood to clot. It is the platelets that become stuck on to a patch of atheroma inside an artery that go on to form the clot.

    Other antiplatelet medicines called clopidogrel or outlet find great discount pictures LNG Lifestyle Led Lights Shoes Boy amp; Girls Pink cheap amazon latest cheap online 9R2qICGAhV
    may be given. They work in a different way to aspirin and help reduce platelet stickiness.

    See separate leaflet calledAspirin and other Antiplatelet Medicines .

    These are usually given for a few days to help prevent further blood clots from forming.

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